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Proving The Date of King Solomon's Reign


Determining the date of Adam's creation depends upon knowing the accurate date King Solomon began to rule, and thus the 4th year of his reign when he began to build the temple.


The date King David died is 970 BCE. The websites listed below are a sample of the 1,800,000+ search results, which prove beyond any reasonable doubt that King David died, and King Solomon began his rule, in 970 BCE.

Note: Having firm dates, such as the dates Assyria conquered Ten-Tribe Israel and Babylon conquered the kingdom of Judah, help make it possible to determine dates prior to those events. There are several ways of determining the dates of King David's and King Solomon's reigns as well, including the rulership charts of surrounding nations.

                   A Sampling of the 1,800,000 Websites Showing that

                                   Solomon began His Reign in 970 BCE




King David - Ancient History Encyclopedia

Boston University Web Site


Jewish Virtual Library:


National Geographic:


Associates of Liberty University (Lynchburg, Virginia)


Edwin Thiele:  The Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings


Total History


NKJV  Study Bible:   page 469

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