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Calculating Adam's Creation

Can we really know Adam's creation date?

Yes! Our Heavenly Father is the revealer of secrets. (Dan 2:28)

When He is ready for a thing to be known He reveals it into the Earth. Below is the scriptural road map that reveals Adam's creation date. It has been hidden in scripture all along, yet few have ever seen it. How can that be?

One reason is that it took seeing the Gregorian dates beside the Hebrew dates in order to reveal the timing of certain events--namely, how old Abraham was when he received the 400 year prophecy. This was the key to unlocking the date of Adam's creation. 



Years From






                                   Next Step




​​Solomon begins to rule

Solomon begins Temple construction

The Exodus occurs

970 BCE​

966 BCE​

1446 BCE​




     2924 ​


​1Kings 2:10-12

1Kings 6:1

Ex 12:40-41

Over 1,800,000 websites agree with this date. It is a well established, accepted date.

​Subtract 4 Years to when Solomon began temple construction​. 970-4=966

Add 480 years "to the day" of the Exodus.  966+480=1446

Add 430 years "to the day" of when Abraham was given the 400 year prophecy.  1446+430=1876

Since Abram did not yet have a seed when YHWH spoke the 400 prophecy, subtract the 400 years that his seed would "dwell in a land that is not theirs" from the time of the Exodus.  (430-400 = 30)  Subtract 30 Years from 1876 and find the year Isaac is born!  1846 BCE.   1876-30=1846  Now Abraham has a seed!   

Since Abraham was 100 years old when he fathered Isaac, add 100 to 1846 and find the year of Abraham's birth.  = 1946 BCE

​​Adding the geneology from Genesis chapters 5 and 11, from Adam down to Abram, we find that according to Hebrew dates, Abram was born 1,948 years from Adam. 


That being the case, if you add 1,948 years to the Gregorian year of Abram's birth, you will find the year of Adam's creation.  1946+1948=3894   

​      1948

​  1946 BCE​​

​​Gen 11:10-27;  Luke 3:34

Abram is born

Acts 7:1-5; Gen 15:7

Neh 9:7

1876 BCE​



Abram is given 400 year Prophecy​ (age 70)

Gen 15:13-16

YHWH tells Abram his seed will dwell in a land not theirs, and then come out after 400 years, with wealth, and YHWH would judge the land that abused them, return to Canaan, and his seed would inherit the land. ​




 ​Adam is created

 ​​Gen 2:7;  Luke 3:38

​ 3894 BCE


Adam created by YHWH in the garden of Eden

Note: Some chronologists cite 1447 BCE because Hebrew years straddle two Gregorian years

Isaac is born

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