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About Dates

Absolute dates can be elusive, but the hunt for them is wonderfully fascinating!


It is the glory of YHWH to conceal a thing; but the glory of kings is to search out a matter. (Pro 25:2)


Dates allow us to place historical events in relative position to other events, which in turn paints pictures of the world before our time. Some dates are well established, others are less certain. Historians, archeologists, scientists, and theologians often have differing opinions. For that reason, the Tetra Scroll is created in such a way that if you disagree with any particular date, it may be carefully erased and rewritten on your individual scroll.


The goal of the Tetra Scroll is to present the most accurate dates possible and, at the same time, provide a visual timeline that merges secular history with Bible history, helping us grasp it as never before!


Dates as they relate to Bible Prophecy have always been of particular interest. In the sections to follow, you will discover some interesting facts about where we are "In the time of the end." Grab your Bibles and prepare for an amazing journey!

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