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The History of the World Since Adam

The Tetra Scroll helps you grasp the scriptures in a whole new way.

Seeing the entire timeline at once makes you automatically aware of where events fall within the 6000-year period since Adam’s creation and in relation to other important events.


Key words are highlighted, and each event is accompanied by cited scriptures, which allows you to quickly locate almost any topic in your Bible.

The Tetra Scroll includes:

  • 1000-Year Benchmarks   

  • Patriarchal Birth and Death Lines

  • Biblical calculations

  • World Powers 

  • Bible Writers

  • Judges

  • Prophets

  • Kings of Israel and Judah

  • Rival Nations

  • Top Ten Religions of the World

  • Important people and famous secular events such as:

    • Alexander the Great

    • Julius Caesar

    • Antiochus Epiphanes

    • Translation of the Septuagint, Samaritan Pentateuch, and Masoretic Texts

    • The Protestant Reformation

    • The Crusades       

    • The Inquisition

    • Important Wars

  • A non-interpreted list of Future Event from Revelation

  • And much, much more! 

A unique and efficient design. How does it work?

When reading about Elijah, for example, you are able to see which millennium he lived, which kings are ruling the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, the Gregorian and Hebrew dates involved, Egypt is still in power, Assyria will soon overtake the Ten Tribe Kingdom in the north, how much longer until Babylon attacks Judah in the south, and where to find it in scripture. All this information is available at a glance!


Now, when you read about Elijah, you will have much more background, which enhances your understanding and appreciation of scripture.


In addition to the visual advantages, the scroll contains many of the treasures our Heavenly Father has hidden in the scriptures for us to find. (Pro 25:2) 


The Tetra Scroll...  Like a 6000-Year Snapshot from Heaven!  

Tetra Scroll Bible Timeline
Old Paper

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Prints Available in

15"x52"  and  18"x63" and  22"x78"

Please Note:​

15" Prints have small-print Bible-size fonts

18" Prints have standard novel-size fonts

22" Prints have slightly larger than novel-size fonts

Cardboard Paper

Inside The Scroll

Tetra Scroll on decorated wall 2022

A Chronological Timeline

The Tetra Scroll is divided into four major sections:​

Before Time
Creative Days
Events From Genesis to Revelation

Future Events From Revelation

Tetra Scroll Bible Timeline - Tetragrammaton - Our Heavenly Father's Name in Hebrew

The Name

To honor our Heavenly Father, and to allow His people to decide for themselves how to address Him, Bible Scrolls International has decided to use the Hebrew version of our Father's Name, יהוה, on the Tetra Scroll throughout the text.

The Four Hebrew Letters יהוה will appear whenever we are referring to our Heavenly Father. (Ex 3:15)

The Hebrew Name Yeshua, along with the Hebrew letters ישוע, is used for the Messiah, the one who came to die for our sins that we might have ever lasting life by believing in Him. Yeshua is the Son of the Most High, the Word, and the Prince of Peace.

Recycled Paper

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