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The Interactive Disciple Scroll has all the same information as the original Tetra Scroll--plus something extra!


On the right and left borders are faintly-lined colums that allow you to add additional events onto the scroll.  Add notes, key events from other countries, or additional scriptural and historical items of interest. The Disciple Scroll is designed for hands-on interaction!


The Disciple Scoll is printed on soft, high-quality vinyl and can be rolled from either end. It can be used as a scroll or hung on the wall with a Classic Poster Hanger, and comes with an aged carrying case.


The Tetra Scroll is a non-denominational Bible timeline of events from Genesis to Revelation including: Birth and Death Lines of the Patriarchs, Gregorian and Hebrew Dates, 1000-Year Benchmarks, Mathematical Calculations, 450+ Cited Scriptures, World Powers, Top-Ten Religions, Bible Writers, Judges, Prophets, Kings, Messiah's Ministry, Fates of the Apostles, Important People and Secular Events, the Modern Rise and Wars of Israel, Future Uninterpreted Events of Revelation, and much much more.


Seeing Biblical history overlap with secular history in a vertical format provides a unique, efficient perspective. No matter which event you are looking at, you are visually aware of where it falls in the nearly 6000 years since Adam's creation and in relation to other important events. The Tetra Scroll is like having a 6000-Year Snapshot from Heaven! Perfect for Churches, Messianic Synogogues, Congregations, Schools, Home, Personal Study, and Home Schooling. It's the ultimate Bible Timeline.




  • The Interactive Disciple Scroll allows you to add your own notes and additional events!  Fascinated by a particular era of history? Are there key events from a particular country you'd like to include? Add them!


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