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Wendy Carter

Who is Wendy Carter?

As a well-known author and creator of Biblical timelines known as Tetra Scrolls, Wendy Carter has become famous for her attention to detail, connecting hundreds of Scripture points together in an intricate pattern of historical relevance, and providing the big picture that gets lots so easy in denominational interpretations. Instead, users and readers of Wendy’s Tetra Scrolls have enjoyed being enlightened in the overall combination of all of mankind’s history with God as well as being educated in the details far greater than the parts. Wendy has developed an extensive amount of study and research to generate the basis of her scrolls, the kind of work that one would expect of a ground-breaking professor pushing the envelope of her discipline. Bible Scrolls International brings you the culmination of Wendy’s work in the form of your own Tetra Scroll, a global look at how all the Scriptures fit together into a woven history of our ancient past and our designed future.

Wendy has been interviewed by multiple media personalities on multiple networks including Rob Skiba, 

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