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Tetra Scroll Details

Tetra Scroll Bible Timelines

Tetra Scrolls present the entire Bible in a non-denominational, visual timeline and places it in the context of highly recognized historical figures and secular events. Seeing the Bible unfold in one place helps us grasp it like never before.

Each line represents one event. The Tetra Scroll is laid out in such a way that if you are looking at Elisha, for example, at a glance, you will see the approximate Gregorian years he prophesied, how many years from Adam he lived, which kings are ruling Israel and Judah, which millennium he lived in, where to find him in the Bible, that Egypt is still in power, and Assyria is soon to conquer the Northern ten-tribe nation of Israel. You see all of that in a glance!  In addition, you can glance up and down and have a sense of where this event falls in the nearly 6000 years since Adam's Creation, and when he lived in relation to other important historical people and events, such as when the Messiah is born.


The Tetra Scroll delivers a perspective you just can't get any other way!

Actual Scroll Size

Tetra Scroll - Options

22" x 77" and 15" x 52"



                                              -  Parchment Handmade Scrolls           -  15oz Vinyl Prints

                                              -  Rolled Canvas,                                    -   Poster Prints

                                              -  Fine Artist Prints                                 -   Retractable Banners

                                              -  Removable Wall Prints                        -  Retractable Banners.

 ** Please note: 15" x 54" prints have smaller print and may require youthful eyesight or reading glasses.

22" x 77" prints are approximately 35% larger, which makes the text larger and easier to read.

The Tetra Scroll - Scrolls are thick, aged, and stained, and has the charm and appeal of an ancient treasure map. Its rich parchment texture invites touch and interaction.The sides are hand-cut to give it a beveled edge. The hardwood rods are hand stained, as are the finials. 

The Tetra Scroll measures 28" inches wide by 77" inches long including its stained wooden rods, and it comes with rope straps and a decorative tassel. The authentic parchment-like paper is stained on the front and the back and is extremely durable. Each scroll is handcrafted, includes a weathered carrying case, and arrives ready to hang.

Numbering: Each Tetra Scroll - Scroll, and Tetra Scroll - Fine Artist Prints may be individually numbered. Instead of assigning random numbers, we allow people to select their own numbers unless that number has already been assigned. You may choose a number that is personally meaningful and significant. Available numbers range from 1 - 7000.​ For example: someone chose 1948 in honor of the year Israel became a nation, or 12 because there were 12 disciples. Others have chosen the year of their birth, the year they got married, the address number of their congregation, or a combination that reminds them of their favorite scripture.


You may indicate your first and second choices in an email on the contact page, or call 808-722-5738 to see if the number you want is still available. Each number is only assigned once.

​​The Tetra Scroll Fine Artist Prints are printed on the same parchment-like paper as the Tetra Scroll - Scrolls, with all the charm and appeal of an ancient treasure map. Its rich texture invites touch and interaction. ​It's four edges are square instead of gently curving, (as is the case on the Tetra Scroll - Scrolls). The back of the Fine Artist Print is white. It includes a weathered carrying case.

The Tetra Scroll - Fine Artist Prints roll easily from either end and makes an appealing tool for Biblical and historical learning. ​Whether framed, used on a desk, or hung on the wall with a poster hanger, (see below) it is an excellent addition for any home, school, or congregation setting.

You may request an edition number for Fine Artist Prints.

(see "numbering" above)

The Tetra Scroll - Canvas Prints are printed on thick, high quality, artist canvas with a matte finish. The poly-cotton blend is ultra durable, giving these canvas prints the charm and appeal of an ancient treasure map. Its rich texture invites touch and interaction. It includes a weathered carrying case.


Canvas Prints roll easily from either end and make an appealing tool for Biblical and historical learning. ​Whether framed, used on a desk, or hung on the wall with a Poster Hanger, (see below) it is an excellent addition for any home, school, or congregation setting.

Tetra Scroll - Removable Wall Prints measure 22" wide by 77" long. It comes on a quality vinyl material that may be pealed and pressed to the wall (without damaging the wall), or hung as a poster using a Poster Hanger (see below). The Removable Wall Print is ideal for those who have small children or those who will hang their print in an area of public access. It includes a weathered carrying case.

Calendar Dates
Tower of Babel
Tetra Scroll Bible Timeline - Full-sized Image

15oz Vinyl Prints have a smooth surface, a matte finish, and offer the ultimate tear-resistance. These prints offer the perfect economical alternative for those with small children, or for those who may display it in high-traffic areas.

The Tetra Scroll - Poster Prints are printed on high-quality, gloss poster paper. Poster Prints are beautiful and cost efficient.  Depending upon your application, a high-quality Poster Print may be the perfect fit. Although not as durable as parchment, canvas, or vinyl prints, they work well in a protected environment, and may be hung with our Classic Poster Hangers. 

The Tetra Scroll Retractable Banner is printed on high-quality vinyl.  This Tetra Scroll stands up by itself. The metal base measures 24" wide, and the print is 78" tall. A retractable poll in the back keeps it standing tall until you are ready to fold it up. Pole fits into a slot in the base. Includes a cloth carrying case.


It is ideal for transporting the Tetra Scroll to various locations for teaching or study opportunities. Light, convenient, an awesome tool for teaching others. Also great if you don't have the wall space to hang a print. A popular item indeed!

Interactive Disciple Scrolls 


Disciple Scrolls offer an exciting twist to our signature Tetra Scroll Timelines.  Disciple Scrolls offer the exact same historical data, but they come with two additional columns, one on each side, which allows you to add notes or additional events to your scroll!  Perfect for deep personal study or home school settings. 


Large Tetra Scroll
Disciple Scroll

Classic Poster Hangers are an attractive, practical way to display and protect your Tetra Scroll Prints.


They are super easy to install, and consist of one bar across the top and another at the bottom.  


Free Shipping with your Tetra Scroll Prints.

Poster Hanger Gray
Carrying Case

Carrying Case

Rolled Tetra Scroll

Tetra Scroll - Scroll

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